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Tile Trim for Walls

Tile Trim for Walls

DYM DECOR  - Your trustworthy professional manufacturer of tile trimming lines
  3000+ molds supplying more than 200 international brands  
Supply chain advantages
Through optimized supply chain management, we ensure a stable supply of raw materials, respond to market changes in a timely manner, and protect your production needs from fluctuations.
Regular innovation
Our R&D team constantly explores new technologies, launches new products from time to time to meet market demand, and leads the industry trend.
Independent factory
Having an independent factory means that we can provide more flexible delivery times, respond quickly to your order needs, and shorten the delivery cycle.
Complete variety
We provide a comprehensive product line of ceramic tile trimming lines to meet the needs of different styles and functions, providing you with more choices for your diverse projects.
Price competitiveness
Through large-scale production and cost control, we ensure to provide competitive prices and enhance your market advantage.
Marketing support
We not only provide high-quality products, but also provide marketing support to help you expand your brand influence and increase market share.
Customized solutions
We understand that each brand has its own unique needs, so we provide customized services to create exclusive product solutions for you.
Professional service teamvariety
Our service team is always on call to support your business development in all aspects from technical consultation to after-sales service.
Tile trims, the symbol of modern style of home decoration. Various styles and customization options to meet individual needs.Whether the walls or furniture, can add a unique modern sense. The installation is simple, the effect is immediate, the metal tile trim not only enhances the beauty of the space, but also highlights the quality of life. Choosing it is the attitude of pursuing exquisite life. Let the metal tile trims light up every corner, creating endless possibilities.
Available material optionsAluminum、Stainless steel、Stone plastic
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From New Zealand
Yes, they are just what I want. And the color surface very good, our market good sale for these colors and designs. Your goods are superior in quality compared with those of other manufacturers. I will
send the order list to your email soon, I decide to cooperation with you.
From Italy
Dear Friend, yes, I got it yesterday,today I busy to check the stock and plan to make the next order to you.
Thanks your so fast delivery time,very hot sale season now. My clients feedback the quality very well, very shiny trims. I am really relieved to work with you.
From Australia
Yes, dear, all trims are well. No damage.Your container loading so well, space all full. Your factory packing and loading department are very responsible and professional. Very good factory.And many thanks for your help
From Canada
Yes, Dear. Don’t worry, the
tile trims products we only
cooperation with your factory,because your best understanding,fastest reactive and your factory professional to save my many times.
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